NASM Certified Personal Training
Certified Exercise and Sports Nutrition Practitioner
Former NCAA Varsity Basketball Player

William is a strong believer in the philosophy “You are what you eat”.
By combining a nutritious diet plan with a dynamic workout,
clients will enjoy impressive results.

Custom workout plan75 minute sessionsPersonalized nutrition plan

Personal Sessions

At Home or preferred location. In personal sessions we will design a program tailored specifically for your needs and goals.
You can choose from the training categories:

  • Toning and Fat Loss
  • Hypertrophy
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Sports Specific Training
  • Boxing
  • Crossfit

Emergency Package

Are you an actor who needs to lose weight or gain muscle within a few months? Or have you finally popped the question and want to look amazing in that tux? We provide a safe and effective exercise and nutrition program that supports you in meeting your fitness deadline.

  • 4-5 sessions per week recommended
  • 75 minutes per session
  • Custom program for quick and safe results.
This package takes commitment!

Athlete's Package

Sports are usually won by a matter of inches. At BNS Fitness we design a program catered for your sport and position. We do a full evaluation of a collection of movements and design a program that will allow you to magnify your strengths and conquer your weaknesses. Programs will include:

  • Speed training
  • Explosive movements
  • Agility
  • Endurance
  • Strength Training
  • Jump Training
  • Sports specific movement
General Fitness Training75 minute sessionsMinimum 5 people


Invite friends or family to get into shape together.
It's always fun to have others around to push through a workout while laughing and having a good time. These are fun, general fitness workouts to keep the individual fit.

Company Packages

Transform your staff into a winning team! Bring William in to advise your company on safe, and efficient ways to stay in shape even in the workplace, as well a nutrition plan that will encourage everyone to perform their best in and out of the office.

  • Individuals or groups
  • On-site training
  • Convenient scheduling

Sports Fitness for youngsters

Help your child to feel "game ready" or just more confident around his/her peers. We offer a variety of dynamic and fun exercises with movements that work on the child's flexibility, endurance and sports specific activities.